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Galvanometer Scanning of Tailored Laser Solution

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There are many applications of lasers technology , today we will mainly talk about what we do the most, roll-to-roll laser machine.

How to tailor your machine by request functions

Do you think that for a tailored machine, it is ok when you choosed the laser head ? Of course not. Today we will talk about the choice of galvanometer .Not every roll-to-roll laser machine needs a galvanometer,for some single-function requirements can be met directly by the cutting head. For example,the laser beam is ok to be used for a single scoring or perforation.The picture reference is as follows:

But when you want the device with more applications, or more than a single row of small holes, you need to use a laser designed with galvanometer.

Most of our customers use the rewinding laser machine designed with galvanometer as it is not only for laser scoring,laser perforation and even laser cutting. 

Galvo heads for laser: focus on a powerful tool

The laser scanning heads are a fundamental component of the galvo system for laser scoring or perforation.These devices deflect the laser beam coming from the source and move it along the X and Y axes according to the operation required.

The galvanometer head can achieve high processing speeds for scoring, perforation and cutting applications. Galvo lenses are ideal for handling thin materials such as paper, cardboard and plastic film.The head can be quickly to be used for any shape.Some of the industries that benefit the most from using galvo motors are the self-adhesive label industry using kiss-cut applications and the flexible packaging industry using galvo laser applications to manufacture products with advanced functionality.

The advantages of laser galvo heads

Laser applications get many advantages from the use of galvo heads:


Galvanometer motors reach very high angular velocities. This means that the laser beam moves over the workpiece surface at a speed of tens of centimeters per second. Therefore, the productivity of the galvanometer system is very high.


 It is because of this characteristic that galvo laser systems are suitable for integration into larger production processes. Galvo laser systems consisting of a scan head and laser source perform best .


Galvo laser systems guarantee high quality and detailed results. For its applications, the scan head can produce a variety of effects, including replicating photographs on surfaces.

One device, many functions

Scanning heads are a key tool in laser material processing applications. They transform a single beam of polarized light into an instrument with many applications.

There are many parameters affect processing speed with a galvanometer scanhead, this will need our thorough knowledge of the laser and scanhead performance characteristics, combined with Coptics’s application expertise and ability to do process testing on a wide variety of systems and lasers at our facilities, gives us the best capability to accurately predict machine and process performance for a new application. 

Testing results are extremely valuable when it comes to selecting the best components for a particular application as well as for predicting performance results for a new application. This information, combined with Coptics’s accumulated knowledge of how different material compositions respond to various laser beam characteristics, gives Coptics a distinct competitive advantage in our industry.

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