2021 New Technology Laser Etching for Foil Heater

Laser Etched-foil heaters have become the engineer's choice for advanced thermal management and applications that require heaters which is more environmental friendly and more efficiently.

Laser Perforation VS Macro Perforation & Micro Perforation

Food packaging are quite important to induce food waste. Micro-, macro- and laser perforations are used in packaging to extend shelf life and improve moisture retention of products. All produce has different requirements for shelf-life extension.

Laser Scribing Line for Easynap Packaging

Laser scribing technoly give innovation for flexible packaging, which makes it can be opend by one hand.Designed for liquid and semi-liquid products, it opens and pours by folding in half, with just one hand. Its technology is certified for food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Laser Scoring for Pre Zippered Roll Stock

Pre-zippered film provides a fast, cost-effective method to convert your flexible packaging to resealable pouches without changing your filling equipment or making the leap to premade pouches. And laser scoring technology is neccessary to be used for this esasy open pouches.

Extending Shelf-life with Laser MAP Packaging

Laser micro-perforation has the ability to extend the shelf life of vegetables, fruit and salads.  By laser drilling the film used to package these convenience foods, the permeability of the package is tailored to the respiration conditions of the contents, providing the right level of Oxygen and moisture to extend the shelf-life by several days, reducing waste and improving the supply chain. 

Laminated layer laser scribing yogurt packaging 2021 new design

EasyDoselid is new design by Constantia Flexibles in 2021, which is a double layer laminated film which is die cutted by laser. This design will avoid the need of plastic snap on lids .

Laser Scoring for Easy Open Packaging

Laser scoring allows packages to be opened effortlessly, resulting in higher consumer satisfaction and allowing brands to outperform competitors with inferior packaging.

Multi-holes abrasives disc laser cutting

For a long time abrasives converting was dominated by knife slitters and die punchers. We design and build custom industrial laser systems for cutting large quantities of "multi-holes" discs and sheets , which cannot be achieved by molds and knives. It is also the most direct and effective way to transform materials from the initial into the finished product.