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Tailor Your Laser Machine

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What you should know before buying first laser machine?

Today we mainly talk about the customization of laser equipment in the flexible packaging industry.

Firstly, you need to know the functions. It is widely used for flexible packaging, such as laser scoring, laser perforation and laser cutting.

Laser scoring is often used for easy open packaging for pouches, but it can be used for many different scoring way of different applications. For eg. cross web scoring, web cross scoring, shape scoring and etc.


If you want to have 
laser micro-perforation , you may need to check and get idea of perforation drawing you need.


Laser cutting is often used for flexible packaging, they often used for window packaging, especially shaped cut .

After getting brief ideas of your request, we need to know your film width which we will have brief idea of machine design.

What parts does a device consist of?

This machine is often standalone, separate machine from roll to roll, with unwinding and rewinding roller.

Laser is just part of this machine, just like a CPU for computer. You can not only CPU to get the functions.
With your functions request, we will suggest suitable laser heads , together with galvo , field lens, chiller, servo drive motor, PLC,ultrasonic correction mechanism,cylinder , touch screen , operating software and those you wanted.

Some of the function description as below for reference:

They are not only parts for this machine, it also can adjust as you like .Its all design based on your functions or your budget, you can make it to be a multi application machine or just have a single application .

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