Flexible Abrasives Cutting

Shaped Disc Cutting     

 Flower Shaped Disc Cutting

COPTICS systems for the abrasives industry are specifically designed for each customer ,Modern robot systems are used for this.

How would you cut sandpaper without wearing or blunting the cutting tool?         

It would be hard without using a blade as hard as diamond. But you can use a laser cutter. Being a non contact process, laser cutter is a precise and sharp tool for cutting abrasive materials. Abrasive materials are within the broad array of non-metals that can be successfully processed. You can cut your sheets in different shapes, following the requests of your customers.       All kinds of shapes can be obtained without risking any material deformation or tool wear.         

COPTICS Laser systems offer substantial advantages compared to conventional stamping of flexible grinding material:        

  1. Economic to use, even with very small batch sizes.        

  2. High flexibility when creating the cutting shapes        

  3. minimal downtimes, as products can be changed on the fly        

  4. The contactless laser method means that there is no wear in the cutting process - making the depreciation times of the machinery correspondingly short.