Laser cutting machine can be widly used in flexible packaging industry, abrasive industry, superfinishing lapping film industry and paper industry.

A wide variety of forms and shapes can be generated flexibly. Material is cut with the utmost precision. Changes between a wide variety of cutting patterns can be made during production.

Our COPTICS suction and filter solutions are continuously being improved and optimised.

Advantages of COPTICS laser cutting systems:

lThe cutting contours are absolutely flexible and can be generated in almost any desired shape.

lExtremely small cutting gaps in the micron range are possible.

lContactless free laser technology.

lWe offer a wide range of system solutions, absolutely tailored to our customers.We offer a wide range of system solutions, absolutely tailored to our customers.


CLS  Series:

Stand-alone laser systems are used in production processes as autonomous modules. All the usual material widths can be processed. The CLC Series is ideal for a wide variety of applications and cutting shapes. The CLS Series laser cutting machine is designed to use in grafic arts , paper cutting and converting industry , abrasives lapping film ,leather and plastic industry.

The modular design of COPTICS laser systems allows them to be combined with other laser applications, such as marking or scribing.