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Laser Source of Tailored Laser Solution

Coptics Laser

Regarding the tailored laser solutions , let's talk about the choice of laser source first. The main lasers on the market are fiber laser, CO2 laser and UV laser. Different materials use different lasers, and even the same material has different effects with different laser source. So today we mainly talk about the choice of laser source in flexible packaging industry.

How many kinds of laser source ?

Digital Laser converting provides solutions for flexible packaging industry with instant customization , zero touch handling and reproducible results. High performance CO2 laser are ideal for many applications due to its long-term superior absorption of wavelengths in many common thin film materials. It is the first choice in flexible packaging industry. But I don't know how many users know that CO2 laser source also have different wavelengths, which are mainly three categories: 9.3um, 10.2um, and 10.6um.

How to choose best wavelength for your applications?

Different materials need to choose different wavelengths. 10.6um is a more commonly used wavelength, but OPP, CPP and PP have better results by using a wavelength, and materials such as PET and Polycarbonate use a wavelength of 9.3um.

Let's take a look at the comparison effect of BOPP film with 10.6um and 10.2um wavelengths.

You may check out 10.6um wavelength of CO2 laser source with noticeable melt lip,10.2um wavelength of CO2 laser source produces a crisp edge with minimal melt lip.

Comparison of the effects of lasers with wavelengths of 10.6um and 9.3um in PET film.

9.3um will cut more neatly than the 10.6 wavelength laser source and achieve better results.

The 9.2um CO2 laser was chosen as it is particularly useful for processing many thin plastic films, which often have much higher absorption compared to 10.6um. Specifically, PET films, often found in flexible packaging and sleeve type lables, have cleaner and smoother cut and perforation edges when processed with a 9.3um CO2 laser.

How do different wavelengths affect your film?

The applications in the flexible packaging industry are mainly for laser scoring ,laser perforation and laser cutting. 

When the wavelength is not suitable, the melting edge is large, and the position of the line is relatively wide, which is visible by eyes, will affects the appearance of the printing surface.

Especially the use of laser perforation, when the melting edge is large, the aperture is difficult to control, and the ideal effect cannot be achieved.

Choosen the appropriate laser wavelength matching the materials' absoption characteristics, optimizing power densiy and scan speeds, and optimizing a converting process with controlled system or laser frequncy are all cornerstones for success in converting.

Therefore, before determining the equipment, it is best to determine the specific configuration and parameters after testing the customer's materials. That's why this type of equipment is mostly tailored, only then you can get the right equipment for your materials.

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