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Innovative Laser Solutions for Intelligent Packaging

Coptics Laser

Modern packaging must be well presented, be fit for purpose regarding storage requirements, and be easy to open. In addition to this there are a number of other challenges for food and packaging manufacturers: safe transport and storage, control of freshness, attractive presentation on the shelf, as well as easy preparation and treatment. 

Laser solutions from Coptics Laser providers deliver solutions & answers in this area. They provide selective weakening of individual packaging layers for easy opening, or perforation of tiny holes to create a modified atmosphere within the pack.

There has been a big shift in the world of packaging since the introduction of laser technology. We have shifted from the mass production of standardised products to the small production of highly tailored products.

This change has only been possible because laser technology is a digital production tool. It can be completely controlled via software and is fully automated. A scoring laser system can be designed right from the beginning of the process and can work in analog work flows. Regardless of the type of work flow, laser technology brings added value to the production process, making it simple and fast.

Laser incision is a very versatile tool since the depth of incision can be controlled. By loading different vector files into the system, you can easily and quickly go from scoring to cutting through the material.

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