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Maintenance of laser die cutting machine

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Laser die cutting offers advantages for label and packaging printers because of its precision, speed, and ability to easily cut unique shapes without the need for special molds. It also allows switching between jobs without the need to shut down to replace physical molds. However, as a relatively new technology, laser die cutting may present various challenges.

Customers often concerns about what is the maintenance cost of the machine? 


Cutting paper, PET and PP materials, and various adhesives can cause smoke and debris to be released in the laser cutting . These debris will accumulate on the beryllium-coated mirrors, which redirect the laser source to the cutting surface, thereby affecting the speed and cutting quality. If debris is allowed to remain, it may be burned into the mirror, requiring very expensive repairs. Two steps should be taken to maintain the best speed and cutting quality by protecting the mirror:

1. Proper ventilation will help keep the chamber clean and minimize the accumulation of debris. On one side of the laser chamber is the ambient air intake and exhaust pipe, and on the other side of the laser chamber is the positive extraction and output exhaust pipe connected to an appropriately rated blower.Generally, we offer full design of fume exhaust, but you need to change the filter components.

2. The interval of cleaning the mirror depends on the degree of your laser die cutting system. Generally speaking, the cleaning frequency depends on the type of material you use and how often you use the laser system. Users who use thick glue and paper products may clean the mirror every day, while others may only clean it once a week. The laser equipment manufacturer will recommend the amount of cleaning required during installation or annual maintenance inspections.


Regularly charging the sealed carbon dioxide (CO2) laser will help maintain the full power of the laser. This is usually done every 18,000-20,000 production hours. If you use it for more than 20,000 hours, the laser will not suddenly stop working, but it will slowly lose power, so you can no longer run it at 100% of the available watts. The recharging process basically recharges the laser so that the system can run the laser at full power. Laser charging usually costs about $1 per hour to produce.

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