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Laser Microperforated Packaging Makes Food Breathe

Coptics Laser

What sounds like science fiction is already part of modern packaging. Laser perforation on the packaging helps keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer and reduces food waste. The key: production accuracy.

When products such as tomatoes or bananas enter supermarket shelves, they have come a long way. Consumers expect fresh products that will not go off  immediately after purchase. In the past, stores have been trying to maintain the freshness of fresh products. Smart packaging using micro-perforations provides a solution to this problem.

Supermarkets decided to use improved moisture-proof packaging (MMP) for tomatoes and other products. Use a computer-guided laser to cut small holes in the packaging. This technology allows internal products to continue the maturation process. These vegetables can absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide-so the duration has been extended by 2 days.

If you use conventional packaging, the packaged tomatoes will either dry up or start to rot, and the food will be wasted. A big effect of the improved packaging with micro-perforations: consumer complaints plummeted  after the introduction.

Not only fresh products benefit from this technology. Consumers eat faster and easier to prepare ready-to-eat meals. The types of these diets have experienced tremendous growth in the past few years, and therefore have encountered difficulties for producers. How to heat meat and vegetables with different cooking times at the same time? The answer is again: laser micro-perforation.

Through the precise perforation pattern, the steam level and pressure in different compartments can be individually controlled. This means that the meat will be cooked, while the vegetables will remain crisp.

Although micro-perforation in the packaging industry is not a new phenomenon, more and more manufacturers are now using it. Advances in precision cutting technology make this technology now available in a variety of ways. From keeping products fresh for longer and reducing food waste to new food preparation technologies, smart packaging enables consumers to have a better food experience.

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