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Laser makes labels can be cutted with All Shapes & Sizes

Coptics Laser

Label Converters uses a state-of-the-art laser die-cutting system to achieve the impossible in label die cutting. It is very suitable for customers who are looking for fast and flexible label shapes; the system uses vector shapes in computer files to laser cut almost any shape into labels. They are leading the way by investing in this new technology that is very suitable for all-digital services.

Laser cutting uses a laser beam to precisely cut materials. With this method, there is no need to cut the mold, and various possible shapes can be cutted out because the laser beam can be set individually and completely automatically.

With laser cutting , no additional tooling needs to be manufactured; every shape and size is immediately available.This machine requires less set-up time and less material for machine calibration.

More of its advantages , please check Advantages of using laser label cutter

Talking about the advantages of laser die cutting machine, is this a perfect machine ? Actually not, now let's talk about the disadvantages of using a laser cutter.

This shortcoming only concerns about fully printed dark labels. Dark black, blue, and brown. Depending on how the laser "strikess" the label when cutting tiny edges, white edges may be visible. when the label is attached to a dark container or bottle, this may seem a bit unattractive.

Which methods of cutting are available should based on your budget and application request to choose your preferred method.

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