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Micro-perforated Breathable Packaging for Fruits & Vegetables

Coptics Laser

Packaging companies are positively providing laser perforation for their own packaging films to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. Extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables ensures that there is less waste and loss in the supermarket. Consumers will also reduce food waste because their bagged vegetable slices stay fresh longer.

For each type of fruit and vegetable, they calculate how many holes are needed for the packaging to reach the final shelf life of the product.Laser perforation provides an effective possibility to add more value to your products by improving the quality of packaging and its functions, but it can also make your products stand out on supermarket shelves.

This technology adds important functions to packaging by  extending the shelf life of respiratory products such as fresh fruits and vegetables while maintaining the integrity of the barrier. Laser perforation also provides great opportunities for creative packaging design elements such as windows and simple distribution instructions.

The laser perforation process selectively weakens specific layers of packaging material while ensuring that only the desired characteristics are achieved. This process provides a controlled depth for the laser enegergy, but it also provides a controlled gas or moisture barrier.

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