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The working principle of the laser perforation system

Coptics Laser

Choosing the right laser perforation system from the wide range of options based on the market depends and the materials used, the type of application, and the ultimate goal of the project. However, we can determine some constants in all systems.

The laser perforation system usually consists of 2 components:

CO2 laser source: This is a device that generates a laser beam. You can find laser sources with different power based on material testing and speed request.

Scanning head or focusing head: The laser scanning head is a device that moves the laser beam on the surface. In this way, the perforations can be distributed on the surface according to production needs. This smart tool uses integrated control software and can follow any type of pattern. For simpler processing operations, the system can be replaced with a focusing head. It does not have a control system, but allows the laser beam to be focused on a specific point, which can be moved on one or two axes as required.

This combination of basic elements can be integrated into an unlimited range of systems, from industrial online systems to independent machines for independent processing. The laser system can act on the material moving from the reel to the reel or on the material sheet.

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