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Laser cut holes on a passport

Coptics Laser

In the list of assets that can be used to combat counterfeiting, the unique passport number of the document ranks first. When reporting lost or stolen documents to the police, they are usually placed on international watch lists, such as those maintained by Interpol. Inevitably, fraudsters will try to change one or more numbers to try to ensure that the authorities are not alerted when documents are presented at border checkpoints.

Therefore, an effective  paper design will include the use of laser technology to engrave the actual document number on each page. This means browsing all visa pages and the back cover.

These numbers include small tapered holes, the size of which varies according to the page number, making it more difficult for counterfeiters to exchange pages.

The CO2 laser system can perforate, cut and scribe packaging materials to create an "easy opening" method for food containers. Laser processing is usually carried out at the roll-to-roll stage of polymer processing. Industrial sector: General industry-Food packaging materials: most plastic films and aluminum foil/plastic laminates. There is also paper. Other considerations: The plastic layer can be partially cut to weaken the area to be opened, such as the straw insert. The laminate can be cut through the plastic layer, but keep the sealing foil layer intact.It is especially suitable for perforating anti-counterfeiting paper to enhance document security.

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