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Customized Laser Machines for Packaging

Coptics Laser

We often face customers asking for a quotation as soon as they contact us. Now we briefly explain the custom process of buying a  laser machine.

Laser is widely used for many applications, as the scribing, perforation, drilling ,punching, cutting, coding and other processes.

Take the flexible packaging industry as an example, to customize a die-cutting machine must know the width of the material and the process requirements. Is it the horizontal easy-tear line or the easy-tear line in the rewinding direction. If it is a perforation process, what is the hole size? Are there other process requirements? All of these are related to how to design this equipment. Is it compatible with multiple functions, or what is the main function?

Choose a suitable laser according to customer needs, choose a suitable galvanometer  based on the working range, and choose different power lasers according to speed requirements. In addition, the physical reactions of lasers to different materials in the same industry are different. Therefore, material testing is essential.

In this case, the quotation is only reported based on past experience or similar cases, and the reference is not of much significance.

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