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How to mark capacitor by laser?

Coptics Laser

What is capacitor marking & labeling?

There are various marking codes on the capacitors. These markings and codes represent various characteristics of capacitors that must be understood in order to select the desired type.

Today, most capacitors are marked with an alphanumeric code, but you may see older capacitors with a color code. These capacitor color codes are less common than in previous years, but some can still be seen.

But, those companies who manufacture aluminum electrolytic capacitors will basically encounter a more difficult thing, that is, the problem of expired and scrapped casings. Especially for large-scale manufacturing , the single scrapping amount is basically tens of thousands of meters, and the main reason for scrapping is because the batch number or production cycle is printed on the casing. Once the product is changed to another batch, the purchased casing will be Scrapped due to expiration.

What are the advantages of capacitor marking by laser ?

With the development of technology, the parameter setting of laser marking equipment can solve various problems encountered in the past in one fell swoop.

The specific advantages are as follows:

1.Manufacturers no longer need to buy printing sleeves from suppliers, but only need to buy other blank sleeves for each shot, and the marking parts are all recorded by laser heads, so that it is necessary to buy hundreds of sleeves with different specifications, models and batch numbers. , and now it only needs to buy a dozen other blank sleeves with different shots. 

2.In the past, when the order came, PMC will purchase the printing sleeve of the relevant batch number in advance. Generally speaking, it will prepare materials according to 1.1-1.2 times of the order quantity. With the completion of the order, the remaining materials can only be scrapped. Now with the laser coding , the factory can print the blank sleeve as much as the order requires, save the sleeve cost, and the efficiency is very high.

3.Since the overall size of the humanized design of the equipment is not large, the manufacturer can also add it to the casing machine for docking and engraving synchronously according to the needs of the user, which can improve production efficiency and reduce waste.

4.The engraved logo pattern is clear, so that the product is modern, and cannot be removed by chemical solution (anti-counterfeiting)

5.Laser marking without any pollution (environmental protection)

6.Due to the powerful support of the software system of the laser marking machine, the multi-functional process transformation can easily realize the traceability functions such as factory manufacturing and product flow into the market.

Function of Capacitor Laser coding machine:

1.Adopt fully imported CIT laser, fast speed, long life (100000 hours), high stability

The equipment can be connected to the MIS system for online laser engraving of QR code, LOGO, specification series and other information

3.Equipment diversification
Can be connected to casing machine and aging machine for online use

Matching connection speed, 0.5s/pcs

5.Recognized by many customers

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