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Laser microperforation machine for modified atmosphere packaging

Coptics Laser

What is MAP packaging?

Plastic polymers are widely used in the food packaging industry, most commonly for fresh produce such as fruit and vegetable products packages, fruit salads packages,etc. MAP (modified atmosphere packaging)is a innovative flexpak technology that keeps products fresh and attractive for their expected shelf life by changing the gas surrounding the packaged product. Changing the atmosphere around packaged food can improve the visual, textural and nutritional appeal of the food and is considered minimal processing compared to the use of chemicals, preservatives or stabilizers in the food.

How does modified atmosphere packaging (map) enhance the safety and shelf-life of foods?

The basic principle of food modified atmosphere packaging preservation is to replace the air in the package with a protective gas, so that the food is placed in a protective gas environment, the growth and reproduction of bacteria and molds that cause food spoilage are inhibited and preserved, the color of fresh meat is protected, fresh the aging process of fruits and vegetables is delayed, thereby extending the shelf life of the food.

Applications of MAP Packaging

I.Fresh aquatic products

Fresh fish and aquatic products are perishable foods with high moisture content. Anaerobic bacteria are one of the corruption factors of fresh aquatic products during low temperature storage, and produce toxins that are harmful to human health. The fresh-keeping gas is composed of gases such as O2, CO2 and N2. The modified atmosphere packaging of fatty fish is the main factor of spoilage due to fatty oxidizing acid, and the protective gas is composed of gases such as CO2 and N2. The modified atmosphere packaging of fresh aquatic products has a shelf life of 15 to 30 days at a temperature of 0 to 4 °C, depending on the variety and freshness. The packaging film must be a composite plastic film with high gas barrier properties to maintain the gas concentration in the packaging.

II.Fresh meat and poultry

The preservation of fresh pork, beef and mutton requires preservation and the red color of the fresh meat. O2 oxidizes the myoglobin in the meat to oxymyoglobin, and the meat is bright red. Oxygen-deficient packaging such as vacuum packaging, the oxymyoglobin in the meat is reduced to myoglobin, and the meat is lavender, which will be mistaken for stale meat by consumers and affect sales. The protective gas of the modified atmosphere packaging of fresh pork is composed of gases such as CO2 and O2. The high concentration of oxygen can maintain the red color of the fresh pork, and the carbon dioxide gas is used for antisepsis.

III.Fresh fruits & vegetables

After the fruits and vegetables are harvested, the metabolic respiration activity of absorbing O2 and expelling CO2 is still maintained. If the O2 content in the package decreases and the CO2 content increases, the fruits and vegetables can maintain weak aerobic respiration without anaerobic respiration, the aging process of fresh fruits and vegetables is delayed, the metabolism rate is reduced, and the fresh-keeping period is prolonged.

IV.Cooked food

The preservation of Western-style enema and Chinese-style cooked food such as fish, shrimp, and meat requires antiseptic and fresh-keeping flavor.

V.Baked Goods

The deterioration of baked food is mainly mildew, and preservation requires mildew prevention and flavor preservation. The protective gas is composed of gases such as CO2 and N2. The shelf life of modified atmosphere cakes (excluding cream cakes) at 20~25℃ is 20~30 days. Modified atmosphere packaging of moon cakes has a shelf life of 90 to 120 days at a temperature of 30 to 35 °C. The packaging film must be a composite plastic film with high gas barrier properties to maintain the gas concentration in the packaging.

Anyhow, Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is effective way to extend the shelf life of your packaged food products.

The advantages of MAP packaging?

• Longer shelf life & freshness cycles

• Better control of the product

• Sellers can ensure product quality

• More product availability

• Better manufacturing capacity

How to make Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) by laser technology?

The application of modified atmosphere packaging mainly takes advantage of the high evaporability of plastic films. This packaging is designed to find the right balance between the gases inside the packaging to reduce the spoilage process of the food. Because each type of fresh produce has different metabolic processes, it is critical to choose the right film type to optimize gas exchange between the inside and outside of the package.

However, many films do not establish the correct relationship between the gases entering and leaving the packaged product. So what can be done? 

Laser microperforation

 can solve this problem. It can microperforate tiny holes in the surface of the plastic film. Depending on the size of the perforation by laser heads, which can range from 50 to 200 microns, the gas flow in and out can be controlled to maintain the proper balance between gas and humidity within the package.

The advantage of perforated packaging is that it is easy to operate and also suitable for packaging companies to offer the contract manufacturing services by different types of products. Each needs to be packaged according to its own peculiarities. Packaging must be customized for each product to achieve the proper balance of gas within the packaging. Laser equipment can optimize the entire production cycle. Each product can be packaged without changing any machines; just simple parameter setting and operation via the laser control software. Micro perforated packaging are also widely used in Walmart . Do you want to innovate your packages?

Food packaging are quite important to induce food waste. Micro-, macro- and laser perforations are used in packaging to extend shelf life and improve moisture retention of products. All produce has different requirements for shelf-life extension. 

Below information may help you to choose the suitable perforation design.

What's the application of laser MAP(Modified Atmosphere Packaging)?

1.MAP Produce Bags

2.MAP Flow Wrap Film

3.MAP Top Seal Films/Lidding Films

How long the life will be extended by MAP packaging ?

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