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Laser marking machine for POCT cassette

Coptics Laser

Medical test cassette is an in vitro poct product widely used in the medical industry, commonly used in infectious disease detection, chronic disease detection, blood sugar detection, drug detection, pregnancy and prenatal care detection. Common medical test cassettes require symbols and letters to be marked on the plastic casing to indicate test results. Today, I recommend a device, a machine which is commonly used in poct - poct inspection cassette laser marking machine.

What are the advantages of laser marking compared to ink printing?

1. Traditional ink pollution is not conducive to environmental protection.

2. Laser marking can not be erased, high recognition, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, which greatly regulates the market order.

3. Laser marking greatly improves the added value, beautiful craftsmanship, product quality and core competitiveness of products.

4. The ink consumables in ink printing are high, which greatly increases the production cost. Nozzles, ink pads and ink consumables need to be replaced regularly, and the production cost is high.

Nucleic acid detection cassette laser marking machine:

1. The model adopts CCD visual inspection mark, which can intelligently identify the product position, automatically locate and mark, with high degree of automation and high precision.

2. Equipped with an assembly line workbench to realize automatic feeding, automatic machine identification, and no need for manual typesetting.

3. The marking speed is fast and the efficiency is high. The double-track identification operation can be configured according to the needs, and the efficiency is doubled.

4. The model is equipped with an UV laser, which can be used on the surface of various metal and non-metal materials such as surface coding on aluminum foil bags, lettering on the surface of cartons, and marking on plastic inspection cassettes.

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