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What can a laser scoring machine do ?

Coptics Laser

We have talked so much about the principle of laser scoring/scribing and the application of laser scoring/scribing technology, today we will summarize, what applications does laser scoring/scribing have in the flexible packaging industry?

(1) Everyone should know this laser-scribed and easy-to-tear packaging bags. The tear direction  is neat and controllable by laser scribing/scoring.

(2) In addition to using the laser to open the packaging bag in a straight line, it can also be opened diagonally.

(3) Or at any position you want to open, set special openings by laser scribing.

(4)Laser scoring for easynap packaging

(5)Laser scoring for teardrop-shaped yogurt lidding film

(6) Laser scribing is used for packaging with water such as cans, olives, etc.

(7)Laser scoring for intant noodles packaging 

(8)Laser scoring machine for adhesive label cutting

In addition to scribing, one device can also perforate, cut and etc. So, is it worth it?

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