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Why they need laser perforation for easy open packaging ?

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Customers often ask to use laser perforation machine for easy open function. We were puzzled at the first beginning.  It is obvious that laser scoring is better choice for  easy-opening packaging. Why do customers require laser perforation? What's more, laser perforation is obviously slower than scoring when used in easy-to-tear packaging.

Slowly we found the answer. Before lasers were widely used in the flexible packaging industry, people were also looking for equipment that could make easy-to-tear packaging . However, the mechanical die cutting machine cannot achieve precise control. If the die is light, the film may not be torn, and if it is heavy, the film may be cutted directly. After the die-cutting manufacturer and the packaging company worked together for a long time , they found a solution. That is, the packaging film is perforated in the form of breakpoints, so that the bag can be torn easily.

However, the non-contact characteristics of the laser with the control of computer software can precisely adjust the laser energy to scribe the desired film to achieve an easy-to-tear effect. Such a process will not damage the protective layer of the laminated film, which is why it has been chosen by many packaging converters in worldwide.

Because the laser has a fixed output energy, it only needs to be processed by rolling the film, the speed is very fast. As long as the parameters are set, it does not require any labor or die cost.

When will laser perforation be used for easy tearing ?

Such a design can be used when a single layer needs to be divided into portion controlled  packaging. It can achieve the effect of easy tearing, but also breathable, killing two birds with one stone.

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